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Freedom Party International ("FPI") serves a number of purposes in support of its affiated political parties. Among other things, FPI:

  • owns and controls the use of the name, logo, artwork and derivatives, and other intellectual property owned by FPI and used by its affiliated political parties, including the white tiger, Frank;

  • specifies, promotes, and educates the public about the metaphysics, epistemology, ethical and political philosophy upon which every one of its affiliated political party's policies are ultimately founded;

  • determines the terms and conditions under which a political party can become affiliated with FPI; and

  • issues publications, audio, video and other media for use by all of its affiliated political parties.

FPI was founded in 2002 by the executive of the Freedom Party of Ontario ("FPO"). From 1984, when FPO was founded, until 2002, FPO served primarily as an organization to promote and to educate individuals everywhere in respect of individual freedom. In 2002, FPO decided to limit its purposes primarily to influencing government in Ontario, Canada, through the election of FPO members to the Ontario provincial Legislature, for the better protection in Ontario of every individual’s rights of life, liberty. FPI was formed, at the same time, to ensure that FPO's prior role of educating the public and promoting freedom within and beyond the borders of Ontario continued.

Philosophy, not government, changes the world, and the founding of FPI allowed the organization to begin a more well-focussed and expanded promotion of the philosophy that underlies each FPI-affiliated political party's policies:

Metaphysics: The universe actually exists. It is not a product of your mind. Its qualities are not affected by what you merely think about them.

Epistemology: Unlike all other organisms, your sole means of knowing anything is by logical reasoning solely about that for which there is ultimately physical evidence. Man cannot survive and thrive if no man chooses to think rationally.

Ethics: Your own life is your highest moral value: death is of no value to you and nothing is of value to you once you are dead. The pursuit of your own happiness is your highest moral purpose: the pursuit of self-sacrifice and suffering is anti-life. In your pursuit of happiness, rationality (which implies productivity) is your highest virtue: it would be vicious for you pursue your own happiness by forcing others to sacrifice, or by sacrificing yourself to others.

Politics: Denied your physical liberty, you cannot survive by acting upon your rational thoughts. Denied the fruits of your productive activities, you will suffer or perish. Therefore, it is morally right to use physical force to defend your life, your liberty and your property. All relations between individuals should be consensual.

FPI is a proponent of capitalism. Capitalism recognizes and defends reason as man’s sole means of survival. In a capitalist society, goods and services are distributed by consensual trade, not by physical coercion. Being a system in which coercive physical force is used only to defend each person’s life, liberty and property, capitalism is the only system compatible with human life.

FPI, and its affiliated political parties, promote capitalism on the ground that it is the only social system compatible with reality, reason, rational self-interest, and consent. FPI is opposed to attempts to promote capitalism with appeals to altruistic, irrational (e.g., skepticism, faith, group consensus), or supernatural rationale.

FPI opposes all forms of collectivist social systems, including: communism, socialism, fascism (a.k.a. "corporativism", or "corporatism"), and naziism.