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Freedom Party's slogan is "Let's be frank: some things are black and white."

The first part of the slogan has a double-meaning. It is, on the one hand, a recommendation that we be like Frank, the white tiger who is Freedom Party's icon. Of course, it is also a recommendation that we be honest and forthright by recognizing the fact that "some things are black and white", and by thinking and acting accordingly.

What does Freedom Party mean by "black and white? We are referring to philosophy.

In terms of ethics, we use "black and white" to refer to right and wrong; grayness, in this sense, is ethical corruption. Freedom Party supporters take the view that good governance of a free society requires that its government be good in an ethical sense; that governance is not good, and a society cannot be free, when its government does what is ethically wrong. We take the view that government must do what is popular only when it is also ethically right. And, when a decision must be made, government must also do what is right, even if it is unpopular. In short, we believe that consensus is a compliment to, but not a substitute for, ethical decision making.

With respect to politics, "black and white" refers to the righteousness of defending ones life, liberty and property. To say that a person "has a right" to their life, liberty and property is only to say that a person is right to defend their life, liberty and property against coercion. Freedom Party takes the view that government's authority to defend the governed ultimately stems from - and, in a democracy, is contingent upon - the fact that every individual is ethically right to defend the life, liberty and property of individuals, including themselves, and dispassionately to remedy injustices done to others when defensive attempts fail.