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Meet Frank, the white tiger: proof positive that some things are black and white.

Frank is found only in nature. Having the power both to nurture life and to defend it, he is a constant reminder that nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed.

You cannot find Frank if you do not look for him. Hidden in the dark jungle of politics, Frank can be found only by the light of human reason.

Some try to get by without finding him. Others try to deny his existence by telling themselves that nothing is black and white. But the occasional flash of his penetrating eyes through the gray jungle mists betrays such efforts. Deep down, we all know one inescapable truth: the temporary feeling of security and comfort that we get from avoiding the thought of Frank actually puts our lives and our happiness at risk.

Yet those who find and befriend Frank know that his only agenda is justice, and that his only special interest is freedom. Indeed, the name Frank quite literally, means “free”. Just as importantly, “Frank” also means “honest and forthright”. So when you hear Frank roar “Some things are black and white!”, respond to it as a call to choose freedom, and to be honest and forthright in defending it.

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Freedom Party's White Tiger Photograph

The white tiger photograph currently used by Freedom Party was taken by photographer Michael G. Kaplan. You can view a wide selection of Michael's wonderful work at his website: www.mikekaplan.com.