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Selections from FPI's Audio Archives

"Left, Right & Centre" (1997-2006).........."Megan and Morris" (2005).........."Hot Line" (1985-1986)

FP on "Left, Right & Centre" (1997-2006)
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Nazis, Universality, and the Left's Defence of Inequality Originally broadcast on August 7, 2002; Length: 21 min. 14 sec. Featuring: Gil Warren, Robert Metz, Tom McConnel


FP on "Megan & Morris" (2005)
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Time to End Socialized Medicine in Canada? Originally broadcast on June 6, 2005. Length: 20 min. 52 sec. A somewhat extended call by Freedom Party of Ontario founder Robert Metz to the Megan & Morris in the Mornings call-in show on talk radio CJBK (London, Ontario, Canada). Followed by discussions with other callers.


FP on "Hot Line" (1985-1986)
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Freedom vs. Communism Originally broadcast on June 20, 1986; Length: 74 min. 45 sec. Featuring: William Kashtan, Robert Metz, Wayne McLean
Robert Metz vs. John Clarke Originally broadcast in July of 1986; Length: 7 min. 53 sec. Featuring: John Clarke, Robert Metz, Wayne McLean
Robert Metz vs. Bishop John Sherlock Originally broadcast in 1986; Length: 6 min. 38 sec. Featuring: Roman Catholic Bishop John Shirlock of King's College (London, Ontario, Canada), Robert Metz, Wayne McLean